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Pond Products. Keep your ponds open during the winter season with our pond de-icer product line. Not sure which pond de-icer is right for you? Description The Aquascape Watt Pond De-Icer is ideal for keeping a small hole in the ice during cold winter months, and ensures proper gas exchange. The Aquascape Watt Pond De-Icer is ideal for keeping a small hole in the ice during cold winter months and ensures proper gas exchange, helping keep. The Floating Winter Pond De-Icer is for use in those colder locations where winter temperatures result in significant or long-term icing of Pond surfaces. Either buy an element guard for the de-icer or secure it so as it will not touch the liner. If it contacts the liner it will burn a hole through it no trouble.

The K&H Thermo-Pond Pond Deicer maintains a 12 inch hold in the ice that forms on your pond in the cold winter months. This deicer is efficiently powered. K&H Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond Deicer · New & improved cage design! · Use submerged or floating · Choose from multiple wattage options--see our. De-icer recommendations? · Small submersible pump located about 8 inches below the water's surface, aimed directly up. · High-capacity air pump. Using a pond heater or De-icer along with a small pond aeration system will ensure you keep water open during the Winter months, supplying much needed. The Pondmaster floating de-icer is the ideal pond heater for smaller sized ponds, for use in colder locations where typical winters result in significant or. The indicator light shines green to show the water temperature is below freezing and the De-Icer is in operation. This efficient heating element only draws A de-icer maintains an open hole in the ice to allow toxic gases to escape. Let us help you find the correct size de-icer by clicking here. Maintain an area thawed and open in the pond to allow the release of toxic gases from fish respiration and decomposing organic matter, at the same time. This 1,watt floating de-icer is designed to prevent your pond surface from freezing over during the winter months. The unit turns on/off automatically. The Farm Innovators Floating Pond Deicer is thermostatically controlled and turns on only when temperatures drop below 35°F. The Farm Innovators Floating Pond. Pond De-Icer The Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Pond De-Icer is designed to keep open water in ponds. The de-icer is thermostatically controlled and all heating.

Product Details The Farm Innovators Floating Pond De-Icer is designed to keep your decorative water garden free of potentially harmful surfaces forming ice in. Ice Vent Pond Heater, Pond De-icer, Winter Protection for Fish & Aquatic Life, Thermostat Controlled, for Ponds up to gallons Saillong Pond Heater W. The TPH model de-icer has been extensively tested in Northern Wisconsin in ponds down to °F. It can be used as a surface de-icer or converts in seconds. Thermo-Pond floats on top of the water and is thermostatically controlled to never get hot. Unlike some other de-icers, Thermo-Pond will never burn a pond liner. The water de-icer has a watt design with a built-in thermostat that automatically engages when the water temperature nears freezing, conserving energy draw. Pond De-icers Perfect Climate Pond Heater & Deicer | 3 ModelsThe Perfect Climate Pond Deicer by K&H is one of the safest and easiest to use pond. A pond de-icer is a small device that floats on the pond's surface, keeping a small hole open in the ice. When used in addition to an aerator, a pond de-icer is. The De-Icer helps release harmful pond gases by keeping an area of the pond ice-free. Features include a natural stone finish. watts. Energy-efficient. Use Aquascape's watt pond deicer with your pond aerator for best results to keep your koi and fish happy and healthy all winter long.

Heated Electric Pond Koi Fish Stock Heater Convertible De-icer Ice Chaser Hc, This de-icer will keep your tank from freezing in the winter and works b. A pond de-icer is an easy and inexpensive way to help your pond survive the winter. Pond de-icer models vary from - watts, floating or submersible. Pond de-icers are a necessity in colder climates. When your pond water freezes over, it prevents oxygen from properly mixing into the water. Since fish rely on. Keep fish safe during the winter by keeping a hole in the ice for gas exchange with this floating pond de-icer. The heating element is protected by a. The submersible de-icers are good for heating a small part of the pond (place it about 10″ below the surface), which is nice for your hibernating fish, but.

Pond de-icers allow oxygen into pond water otherwise sealed off by ice, while toxic carbon dioxide and methane from decomposing organics release. P - The Floating De-Icer keeps your pond completely ice-free, allowing fresh oxygen to reach your pond for healthy fish! Thermostatic control coupled. Features Safety at Its Core: Rest easy with TURBRO FCC-certified pond de-icer. It provides a worry-free operation with built-in overheating and power-off. Tetra® Pond De-Icer · Helps release harmful trapped gasses · Natural stone finish · Uses W of power · Effective down to ° F · Includes a 15' electrical. The floating winter pond de-icer is for use in providing an ice free area in your pond for the toxic gases to escape. Energy efficient, uses only w of.

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