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Single Point Root Rake Used to separate small and medium sized capillary roots during transplanting and repotting. Has a single steel prong. Simple, yet a. 10 ft. offset tine. Rake has 9 tines that are 1 1/2" thick. Weighs approximately 1, lbs. Rake fits all make machines up to a 21, lb. An excavator root rake couples to your mini excavators arm in place of your bucket. The design of the rake is similar to a regular garden rake. A dozen or more. BrinTough Equipment sells root rakes, grapples, and thumbs of various sizes as well as other tractor, dozer, and skid steer attachments. This Root Rake is a tractor attachment that is ideal for piling brush and debris. The large space between the teeth allows the soil to sift through.

Skid Steer Root Rake Attachment 96" Wide As low as $59 for 60 months. Details Apply Now Processing. Write a Review · 72" Compact Root Rake (rake only) · Description · Warranty. 18 Month. Dozer Root Rakes. Photo. Model. Width. Tube. Tooth Thick. Teeth. Tooth Space. Pen. Weight. Cost. dr 92 8 5x5 9 · Dr_92_8_5x5 Dozer Root Rake. Price The X-treme Skid Steer Root Rake is excellent for rolling debris into tight piles for easy burning. It will easily remove large rocks, roots and other. The ultimate brush clean up and management attachment, the Digga Skid Steer Root Rake is made in USA with 5/8" high grade steel. Titan Attachments Skid Steer Root Rake Attachment 72in Wide, Universal Quick Tach Hookup, Root Clearing Brush Rake, Land Clearing Site Prep Implement, Roll. The Harrell Ag Products Rock N Root Rake's ingenious design provides fast and efficient land clearing and preserves valuable topsoil. Our root rake is. With one single pass, the skid steer root grapple rakes up debris while the bottom bar provides the necessary tool for backfill. This attachment is great for. 60 inch root rake grapple capable of clearing trees and roots with a compact tractor. Order today to get free shipping. Rakes are a large attachment used for removing roots, forestry, clearing brush, and more. Rake attachments for Skid Steers, Excavators, Mini Skid Steers, and. Xtreme Duty Root Rake Grapple. Xtreme Duty Root Rake Attachment designed for skid steer and tractor loaders. Designed to handle a wide range of jobs for.

The Root Rake is ideal for fast clean-ups, vegetation management, sifting soil/rocks and removing unwanted shrubbery and overgrowth. Material can be sifted and. Bradco's Root Rake is designed to collect rocks and debris, allowing soil to sift through. Its rake design allows for fast cleanup, ground leveling and. The AMI Root Rake is a powerful tool that clears away unwanted roots, limbs and brush while leaving behind valuable soil. Operators are now able to clear away. X-treme Skid Steer Root Rake is excellent for rolling debris into tight piles for easy burning. tines are made from 5/8" steel and spaced on 6” centers. The Root Rake attachment is excellent for separating debris and roots from top soil. Durable powder coat finish; Makes land clearing easy; Great visibility. Discover premium Excavator Rakes at Attachments King! Heavy-duty rakes for grading, debris removal & more. Top brands, various sizes. View the entire collection of Root Rake skid steer attachments from I Dig Texas - located in Central Texas. Clear brush, pick rocks and mulch; Raking and piling, storm cleanup, demolition; Use as a root rake; Grapple encloses entirely and secures debris; Tubular steel. A root rake can be extremely helpful when you have large piles of debris to move, or roots to remove from beneath the soil's surface. Contact your local John.

DESCRIPTION REVISED 12/23 ROOT RAKE – SEVERE DUTY The Blue Diamond® Severe Duty Root Rake is great for cleaning up your land. The 5 1/4″ tine spacing allows. The Root Rake is an excellent land clearing and site preparation attachment for rolling debris and brush into tight piles for easy burning. Shop our selection of premium, American-made Root Rake attachments by Ferguson Root Rakes, a family-owned business hailing from South Carolina and Georgia. DESCRIPTION X-treme Skid Steer Root Rake Our X-treme Skid Steer Root Rake is excellent for rolling debris into tight piles for easy burning. ROOT RAKE – SEVERE DUTY. The Blue Diamond® Severe Duty Root Rake is great for cleaning up your land with your skid steer or track loader. The 5 1/4″ tine.

Two-cylinder, single jaw grapple for digging, raking, piling and loading debris. 72″ Root Rake Clam Grapple Attachment Fits Skid Steer Quick Attach This is a brand new 72″ wide root rake grapple attachment for sale. This particular model. The most versatile tool in your attachment arsenal. The strength of the Grapple Rake allows you to pick up a variety of debris, from logs and brush to rocks. Eastern Leaf Stainless Steel Root Rake This stainless steel tool features a root rake on one end and a spatula on the other for easy repotting. Use the root. Unlock the Speed: · Versatile mounting options enable quick and easy attachment to various models, minimizing setup time and maximizing productivity. · The root.

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